CAPY - Simplify operations & increase your hotel sales!

Operations from reception
Sales natively
Tips for staff

Digital concierge of your hotel

CAPY benefits for your Hotel

for hotel owners
  • Increased Upsales: Guests are informed about all your services through a user-friendly interface that encourages them to place orders. This leads to an uplift in upselling by 12-20%.
  • Streamlined Operations: The app automates operations, ensuring that 90% of guests' requests are directly routed to the relevant hotel staff via CAPY. Additionally, you can have control over all operational processes in your hotel.
  • Motivated Staff: The app promotes tips for your staff, resulting in a 30% increase in daily tips compared to not using CAPY. This motivates your staff and enhances their performance.
  • Replacement for Traditional Communication Systems: CAPY replaces traditional communication systems like radios or telephones in your hotel. You no longer need to worry about renewing outdated communication equipment.
  • Cost Savings: By utilizing CAPY, you can save money on communication processing. To calculate your potential savings, please visit the following link
for reception and management of hotel
  • Automated Upselling: With CAPY, guests are more likely to order additional services, resulting in a 20% increase in sales without the need for active promotion of spa, restaurant, and other payment services.
  • Streamlined Operations: Through CAPY, 90% of guests' requests will directly reach the appropriate hotel staff, eliminating the need for reception personnel to handle routine processes.
  • Motivated Staff: CAPY encourages guests to leave tips more frequently, leading to improved staff performance and motivation.
  • Language Barrier Solution: Guests can submit requests in their preferred language, eliminating communication issues with non-Spanish speaking guests.
  • Enhanced Guest Experience: CAPY provides comprehensive information to guests, reducing the number of questions about navigating the hotel and the availability of services.
  • Centralized Control: The web-interface of CAPY allows for easy management and control of all operational processes within the hotel.
for hotel staff
  • Increased Tips: The CAPY Hotel App provides a platform for guests to leave tips. With CAPY, diligent workers receive approximately 30% more tips per shift compared to when they don't use the app.
  • Task Management: You no longer require a middleman to assign and track your tasks. The CAPY Hotel App allows you to easily and efficiently manage your daily tasks without any intermediaries.
  • Multilingual Guest Requests: Through the CAPY Hotel App, guests can send their requests in your language. This eliminates the need for them to approach you with their potentially inadequate Spanish, ensuring smoother communication and avoiding any disturbances.
for hotel guests
  • Convenient Access to Hotel Services: The CAPY Hotel App provides an easy-to-use interface that allows guests to access and order all hotel services without the need to call the reception or seek assistance from floor staff. Everything you need is available within the app.
  • Language Support: The app supports both English and Spanish, eliminating any communication issues. You no longer have to struggle with a mix of languages ("Spanglish") when interacting with hotel personnel over the phone or at the reception.
  • Navigation Assistance: The app includes a navigation map, ensuring that you never get lost within the hotel premises. You can easily find your way around, enhancing your overall experience.
  • Real-Time Request Updates: With the CAPY Hotel App, you can always stay informed about the status of your requests. This feature provides peace of mind, as you can be confident that the staff hasn't forgotten your requests.
  • QR Code at Reception: The app allows you to start requesting services even if your room is not ready yet or if you have already checked out and are waiting in the lobby. This means that your relaxation can begin in a more comfortable manner.

How CAPY is working?

Front desk

where you can view/receive all requests and can configure and customize the specific services your hotel offers.

Application for guests

where they can order the different services available in your hotel.

Task bot for the staff

where the staff is informed of customer requests: cleaning, room service, maintenance, etc.

How to try the product?


Fill in the form: name of hotel, your name, email and telephone number or write to WhatsApp


Our manager will contact you to help you register and explain everything


Start your trial period! It is 1 month for free. After - 80 MXN for a room per month.

CAPY Features

Hotel profile

  • Customized options for your hotel (services, staff, number of rooms)
  • Guest profile
  • All guests’ requests
  • All guests’ feedback
  • Notification of urgent tasks and issues
  • Task-tracker
  • Customized QR code in rooms for your services

Guest application

  • Services
  • Extra services
  • Critical issues
  • Room service
  • Quick search
  • Multilanguage (eng, esp)
  • Direct requests to the executor
  • Feedback review

Taskbot for staff

  • Sends tasks directly to the executor
  • Multilanguage (eng, esp)
  • Shared status of tasks with reception
  • Tips

How to try the product?


Fill in the form: name of hotel, your name, email and telephone number or write to WhatsApp


Our manager will contact you to help you register and explain everything


Start your trial period! It is 1 month for free. After - 80 MXN for a room per month.


CAPY Hotel standart

per month
for one room
  • Do you have a small hotel?
  • Do you offer additional services to your guests?
  • included installation help and soft customization


per month
for one room
  • Does your hotel have 50-200 rooms or more?
  • Do you offer a wide range of services in your hotel?
  • Do you have a restaurant that provides room service, and are you interested in increasing guest check amounts by 20%?
  • included availability of all restaurants in your hotel for your guests via CAPY
  • included updates of new functions of CAPY
  • technical support
  • installation and customizing help
  • education of your staff how to use CAPY


∗ On inquiry
  • Do you offer a wide range of services at your hotel?
  • Are you interested in having special functions and services customized exclusively for your hotel?
  • special developing of additional functions for your hotel.
  • branding app for your hotel
  • personal manager
  • technical support 24/7
  • installation and customizing help
  • education of your staff how to use CAPY

What will you get for subscribing to an annual license?

  • Hotel profile with customized tools in CAPY. Guests will see exclusive services from your hotel;
  • Web-interface for reception with notifications and tracking status of all requests;
  • Cross-platform application for your guests, including interface; with “services”, “extra services”, ”critical issues” and “room service” screens;
  • Multilanguage support (Spanish, English);
  • Tasks bot for staff;
  • Assistance of a specialist for installation and configuration of CAPY for your hotel;
  • Technical support and updates;
  • Unlimited and free check-in for your guests. You pay only for the license, we do not charge hotels for guests' requests.
How many rooms are there in your hotel?
How much money CAPY save for your hotel per year
$MXN 7 323


- What does the product consist of?

- CAPY is a complex solution, which consists of three parts:

  1. Front desk: you can see all the requests and can configure customization for your specific hotel condition or reality.
  2. Task bot for staff: the staff is informed about all the guests’ requests.
  3. App for guests whereby they can order services

It's a three in one app for the guests, the staff and receptionist.

- If it is difficult for me to register, what should I do?
- Just fill out a form on a website or write to WhatsApp on the technical support number. We will help you to do the registration and train you how to use the app. If it is necessary, an appointment can be made to visit your hotel to install the app and give you technical support to complete the registration.
- We already have a telephone in the room and a concierge service, why CAPY is better?

- According to the Ministry of Tourism in Mexico, 80% of tourists speak English and do not speak Spanish.It is difficult for your guests to communicate with the staff without knowing Spanish, and sometimes they are embarrassed to ask or order. With CAPY you don't lose sales because the app supports English and Spanish.

It also contains a catalog of all the services of the hotel and the ability to book without language difficulty.

- In our hotel, employees cannot use personal phones. How will they receive requests

- Mobile phones can boost staff efficiency and remuneration. Hotel employees with this app earn +30% tips than those without the app. In consequence, they’ll be motivated and focused on their work.

In addition, the staff bot is supported on the most basic devices. The hotel can provide phones with only CAPY software.

If these options do not suit you either, the software can also allow all requests to get to the front desk and the receptionist can transfer them via walkie-talkie VHF. So, it can still be profitable time wise.

- How can you justify this price?

- The price for a license is 80 MXN per room per month. Unlike other similar services, we do not charge for check in, clicks or orders. You are given 1 month of trial; during this period, you will realize whether the product suits you or not.

With this payment, you get a 3 in 1 app: for the reception, a bot for staff and an application for guests. In addition, you will receive updates, technical support, and new features, yet your original payment remains the same.

You can also calculate the money you will save on processing guest requests, even considering the cost of a license, using the calculator in our website.

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